Our Philosophies.

At M.Y Real Estate Sxm, we do real estate with passion. Armed with over 15 years of knowledge about this island and the Caribbean, along with our love for its landscapes and culture, we are driven by the desire to share these little corners of paradise with you, the future residents of the Friendly Island. We are devoted to our clients, mindful, understanding that investing or deciding to live on a small island can be both wonderful and intimidating. We will be by your side from the first contact to the signing at the notary, navigating through the banking process, always with a smile and the desire to make you love our island.

We are in touch with banks and all the real estate agencies on the island, making us your all-in-one real estate agency. We speak French and English and are connected on both sides to all agencies. After years of experience within the beautiful community of Saint-Martin, our reputation is unquestionable, and you can count on us to make you feel at home, away from home. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront rental, purchasing an apartment for rental income, or your dream villa, at M.Y Real Estate Sxm, each of your dreams holds equal importance.

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About - Maquerre Yoan

Owner of M.Y Real Estate Sxm

I was born in northern France, in Lille, a region known for its chilly weather but inhabited by warm-hearted people. The eldest of five siblings, coming from a very modest familly. I have always sought to be a role model and guide the way. As a child, I dreamt of living in the Caribbean, drawn to the sun, music, and the freedom of spirit. Thus, at the age of 19, armed with a one-way ticket and a few euros, I left my family to embark on this adventure. It was in Saint-Martin that I fell in love, not only with the island itself but especially with its inhabitants. I consider this island my first love because it has given me everything, and I am forever grateful.

Starting with humble jobs, I didn't have much, but I was determined to succeed, armed with steely resolve. In those early days, I even lived on the beach, learning to climb trees to sell coconuts to tourists, sustaining myself, and crafting hats from palm leaves to sell to visitors. It was a tough but magical time...

I continued to work hard and remain determined to carve out my place on this small piece of paradise. Subsequently, I took over a restaurant on the French side —an enchanting period full of encounters and challenges! After spending years building connections on both sides of our island and traveling a bit in the world, a few years ago, I decided to venture into real estate, thus realizing my dream. The goal was clear: to share the joy of this island with people from around the world. I am a man who always wears a smile, armed with solutions and determined to achieve goals, to find your hidden gem. My strict yet loving family has instilled in me honesty and sincerity, traits for which I am well-known on our little island. My sharp instincts rarely lead me astray. You can always count on me to be authentic and sincere at any moment of your journey.

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